European Youth Cinema Festival

The European Youth Cinema Festival in Warsaw featured New Jewish Filmmaking Project films.

Przy współpracy z uznanym zespołem dokumentarzystów filmowych, młodzi twórcy pochodzenia żydowskiego (w wieku 15 – 25 lat) za pomocą kamery zabierają nas w intymną podróż ukazującą pełne emocji zmienne krajobrazy kultur…

Joshua Venture Back From Hiatus to Nourish New Ideas

JWeekly – The fellowship that launched Heeb magazine, JDub Records and S.F.’s own New Jewish Filmmaking Project is back.

After a four-year hiatus, the Joshua Venture revised its structure and its approach, tacked on “Group” to the end of its name, hired new staff…

Through Young Immigrants’ Eyes

Tracing the Tribe: Jewish Geneology Blog – There’s a new blog, Half-Remembered Stories, written by more than a dozen young Jewish immigrants, aged 16-25. If you have immigrant ancestors – don’t we all? – readers should relate to the words of these young people.

“I am up to my ears in bits and pieces. I am immersed in parts of my family’s story, in clues to follow-up on, in tales that must continue to be reinvented, imbued with life. But because there is so much, so much, so much time gone by and so much family I must…….

Joshua Venture Group : Sam Ball

Joshua Venture – Citizen Film is committed to collaborating with civic and community institutions to make films that engage audiences in meaningful conversation about the relationship between culture and community. Since 2002, Citizen Film has produced the New Jewish Filmmaking Project, a program of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival dedicated to showcasing diversity in the Jewish Community from the point of view of the culturally diverse generation of Jews that is coming of age today. Sam launched the New Jewish Filmmaking Project thanks to a 2001 Joshua Venture Fellowship….

Pointing the Lens at Jewish Identities and Journeys

eJewish Philanthropy – Getting inside teenagers’ heads isn’t so easy. But give them a creative outlet, and you’ll be flooded by what flows out.

Perspectives. Insights. Unspoken truths. And a burgeoning maturity that astounds.

Take 17-year-old Doria Charlson, for instance. She just graduated from high school and is bound for Stanford University this fall. She’s lived….

New Jewish Filmmaking Project

MOFET JTEC: Jewish Portal of Teacher Education – The New Jewish Filmmaking Project (NJFP), a program of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, produces documentary films that reflect the perspectives of the generation of Jews coming of age in America today. Since 2002, 48 teens have participated in the NJFP under the tutelage of the noted film professionals at San Francisco’s Citizen Film documentary production company…

Teen screen: Student films zoom in on Jewish identity

Jweekly – The black screen brightens to a wide shot of San Francisco’s Mission District, then the camera zooms in on busy taquerias and smiling children on the sidewalk. Cue Salvadoran music and voiceover as the narrator walks into the frame.

This is the opening scene from “Lalo’s Jersulsalem,” a 12-minute short film that explores the disparate identities of Ed “Lalo” Baraona, a Jewish Salvadoran-American…….

Jewish Teens Just Want to Direct

JVibe – How one documentary filmmaker is helping teens explore their Jewish identity — behind and in front of the camera.

How cool would it be to write and direct a film, while still in high school, that you also star in? And let’s just say that you’d get on-the-job training from famous movie directors and editors? And let’s sweeten the pot even further by announcing that your movie would be premiered by hundreds of thousands of audience members. Sounds amazing? Well, this year in San Francisco, 10 teens will receive exactly that opportunity. ….

Filmmaking and Identity

Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Responsibility – I’m learning to make food that my grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother made so long ago, and it’s kind of like all this pressure to carry on, this tradition. If I don’t do it, then my kids won’t know how to do it, and that’s it. I break the line, I break the Jewish tradition…
– Sixteen-year-old Ukrainian immigrant in the…

Teens Take On the Jewish Holidays in Short Films

JVibe – Some Jews claim that the holidays are just a time to get together with family and friends and eat good food. While this holds some truth, there’s a lot more to it than that. Like, what about teens with divorced parents who need to have two very different seders? What about the holidays your family doesn’t celebrate? And, while you may think the sun shines out of her spatula, what about all the cool Jewish….


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