Word Blast

by Zoe Pollak

Here’s a new website I found: www.wordblast.blogspost.com. My aunt told me about it, as it is her blogspot (she shares it with a friend). She and her friend are both playwrights, and they decided that they would “tell part of a story and then say “and then…” and pass it on to the next person” with a play. “What would happen if two writers e-mailed each other maybe a line (instead of a word!) at at time? What if you had to write a line a day and only gave yourself five minutes to do it? Or maybe assume one character in a two person play, and write their response to the previous line of dialogue (or action, as the case may be)?”

So the two playwrights started writing a play, blog entry by blog entry. I am posting this website here because the website that I am working on is going to be interactive, and while “wordblast” isn’t interactive like my website will be, it is in the sense that two people are creating a piece of art together without a set path. Like my “time machine,” my aunt and her friend do not have a pre-determined destination or linear storyline.


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