William Kunstler: An inspiring husband, father, lawyer, and activist

MayanaBy Mayana Bonapart

Watching Disturbing the Universe brought up many different emotions for me especially for me as a Jew. I am very glad that his daughters Emily and Sarah decided to take their father, William Kunstler’s complex life story and create an interesting and inspiring documentary film for future generations to watch and remember. I think future generations remembering William Kunstler’s story is important for many reasons. First of all a lawyer always representing the underdog especially in the most dire situations that is capable of winning their cases is an excellent one. Besides the fact that Kunstler is an amazing lawyer, he definitely left a footprint in the Jewish world. He was constantly shunned and protested against for some of his cases and sometimes protested against by Jewish organizations yet he never lost his pride. He always remained a strong and proud Jewish man and stood for what he believed in and I think that the world is lacking more Kunstlers and I find this film very important for this next generation so no one forgets about him and others like him making a difference by standing up for what they believe in. I think he inspired many in his time and this film is hopefully inspiring others to make a difference for what they believe in and will keep Kunstlers story alive.


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